Samstag, 13. November 2010

10 years of computer science in Aalen

On Saturday i was invited to my old university where i formerly studied computer science. I was asked to give a lightning talk about my work and experiences after my studies. I did my diploma thesis back in 2006 about PostgreSQL and still have the opportunity to work with and on PostgreSQL during my employment at credativ. In my talk i've summarized what it means to work with open source and my fields of activity.

We've also heard about others what they have experienced in the last years after leaving the university. It's really interesting what fellow students are doing after studies and of very wide variety.

Afterwards during a snack we've discussed various topics about open source (and, of course, PostgreSQL), applied sciences and much more with my former professors. I really enjoyed my visit and have to say a big *thanks*.

Freitag, 5. November 2010

Building Slony-I on OSX

Just stumpled across this today while trying to build a fresh git clone of Slony-I on my MacBook; To build Slony-I on a OSX box (in my case 10.6.4), you might do the following on your box:

% ./configure --prefix=$PGSQL_HOME --with-pgconfigdir=$PGSQL_HOME/bin
configure: error: Headers for libpqserver are not found in the includeserverdir.
This is the path to postgres.h. Please specify the includeserverdir with

Now, of course you are following this gentle hint and try again with a proper include path:

% ./configure --prefix=$PGSQL_HOME --with-pgconfigdir=$PGSQL_HOME/bin --with-pgincludeserverdir=$PGSQL_HOME/include/server
configure: error: Headers for libpqserver are not found in the includeserverdir.
This is the path to postgres.h. Please specify the includeserverdir with

Uhm, doesn't work either. A good way to find out what's really going on now is to have a look into the config.log (located in the Slony-I source directory) and check what exactly is causing this error. Open the file and simply search for postgres.h. You'll find the following line there (ignore my path names here, they surely differ from yours):

In file included from /Users/bernd/pgsql-dev/install/REL9_0_STABLE/include/server/postgres.h:47,
from conftest.c:80:
/Users/bernd/pgsql-dev/install/REL9_0_STABLE/include/server/c.h:99:21: error: libintl.h: No such file or directory

Ah okay, it is indeed failing compiling the conftest.c file while including the PostgreSQL headers. Now that i saw this i remembered that i had my local development PostgreSQL-builds configured with --enable-nls, which need to include gettext/libintl. Since OSX doesn't ship with the latter, they were installed from MacPorts, which is located in /opt/local/include. So the solution is to just include those header path as well. PostgreSQL has an extra configure switch --with-includes, unfortunately the configure script in Slony-I is missing this, so i decided to go with this:

% CFLAGS='-I /opt/local/include' ./configure --prefix=$PGSQL_HOME --with-pgconfigdir=$PGSQL_HOME/bin

That worked and i was finally able to sucessfully build Slony-I on my MacBook. Hope this helps anybody facing the same issue.

Freitag, 6. August 2010

PostgreSQL at FroSCon 2010

Like last year, the German PostgreSQL User Group will have a Devroom at FroSCon (Sankt Augustin, Germany) this year. There will be talks around PostgreSQL, ASP.NET, the upcoming feature set in 9.0 and a workshop how to setup PostgreSQL 9.0 replication. The talks in detail can be found here (look for room C117).

For people interested in technical discussions or brainstorming, there's a booth at the conference, too, where people can meet PostgreSQL community members to discuss their questions. See you there!

Samstag, 20. Februar 2010

CeBIT 2010

... is coming up soon. CeBIT (March 2th to March 6th) is one of the biggest shows for IT and PostgreSQL will have a booth in the Open Source Project Lounge, organized by Andreas Scherbaum. I will staff the booth with Andreas on friday, 2010-03-05. If you are interested, feel free to meet us in hall 2, maybe we see us on friday!